Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fun Time We had in Arizona!!!

Hey everyone!! Well Rich and I just got back from Arizona on Friday. We had such a great time with everyone, and wish we had more time to spend with friends and family!!! Clara Ann's baby blessing went incredible! I am so grateful that the men in my family were worthy enough to be in Clara's baby blessing circle. And thank you for the rest of the men who where in the circle!! We also got Clara's ears pierced! She looks sooo stinken cute with them on!! Well here are some pictures of what we did in AZ! More pictures will come, I just dont want to over whelm everyone with so many pictures! The funny thing is that most of these pictures are of Clara!
We have arrived in ARIZONA!!!
Clara Ann is so excited to see everyone!!
Brighton was the first cousin to hold Clara!!
Some of the first people Clara saw at Ya-Ya's and Great Granddaddy
Gramps holding his first Great Grandchild!
Aunt Rylee holding Clara Ann!
This is one of my oldest friends and we swapped babies!
I am holding baby Reed and Breanna is holding Clara Ann
They are just to cute of babies!!
Man alive Breanna and I have some pretty cute babies!!
play time!
Rich covered Toniann my sister in pillows!  
Bath time!
The Bluth family at Clara Ann's baby blessing
Beautiful Clara
Toniann's First Day of school!
Toniann and look its my sister from another mister!
Clara paying for the bill!
Aunt Sesa holding Clara
Clara is soooooo sad were leaving Arizona!!
Clara taking a big girl bath because there is no net in the bath tub!!

At Buffalo Wild Wings in Idaho Falls!!

Sleeping through lunch
walking around in the farmers market in Idaho Falls!
Sitting up in Daddy's legs!
Crazy Hair Clara!
Rich Playing his PS3 for the first time!!
Clara watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time!!

Just keep watch because there are more pictures to come of our little adventure in Arizona!

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