Thursday, December 22, 2011

Updating on the holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
Well there is a lot that has happened in the last three months so I will just update on the last couple of weeks in December!

Clara Ann is so excited about gingerbread house!

We tried to get a family picture but it didn't work out to well but its still a fun pic right?

Our first gingerbread house completed! Ya we know its not the model gingerbread house that you would see on the box you buy it in but we think are's is good for our first.

The woman type of decorating....

This is how men decorate...

Clara's pass time

We finally have a crib for Clara Ann!!!!!

Clara loves her crib!!

She is realizing this is a bed and not a toy..
We were looking at lights, her face cracks me up!!

opening our Christmas PJ's

Be jealous!!

He is excited can you tell?

Its a Captain American kind of Christmas!

She is so excited to get to play with the shiny paper!
Her first Christmas PJ's!!!!

That is basically what has happened in the past few weeks!! Hope everyone has a wonderful, fantastic Christmas!! Love ya all!!