Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weird Toys... How do people even come up with this stuff?

So I was looking online for toys that Clara could play with, and I came upon all these weird toys, I don't think I would ever get this for Clara... What or who would play with these toys? How and were do people get these idea's for toys?? Whats the weirdest toys you have seen??

yep... start them young...
This is a weird stuff animal but not to bad..
This is just weird....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updating on life

Hey everyone! Well I just wanted to update everyone on life at the Wilson home. Rich and I are busy as ever trying to get ready for Clara and what not.  Well first off just wanted to thank everyone who came to the baby shower!!! It was super fun to see everyone, and it was great catching up on everyones life. And a even bigger thank you for everyone who were able to give Clara a little gift!! It really helped Rich and I out! We were able to get all the major things for Clara because of the baby shower. Pictures will come of what we were able to get. 
Well on other notes Rich is loving school and putting his head in his books and also into his acting. He is really being challenged for his roles in his acting class, so much that he has grown a little whiskers and brings a cane every where to walk like a crippling old man. Rich says that he gets inspiration for a crippling old man from the show "house" lol. I went to one of his practices and he has improved quite a bit on his acting, and its so fun to see him go after his dreams. 
Talking about school and what not we have some news, we will be staying in Idaho for a year! Yay for no moving! The reason staying in Rexburg longer then we were expected is because BYU Provo is just not ready for this Wilson family lol. Just kidding but Rich did try to transfer to Provo and it just didn't accept him this time around, maybe the next time. The upside of this whole thing is at least Rich, Clara and I will be able to set some roots here in Rexburg and really get to know people her better. I am also happy that i wont have to pack boxes for a year!! lol 
Well thats about it for this update! Write you all as soon as there is something to write about!! Love you all!! Oh pictures of Rich are below!!