Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Waiting For Our Bundle of Joy...

Hey everyone! Just wanting to update our blog..
So Rich is finally finish with this semester of school and he is so excited for a break!! As you can see he is already taking an advantage of it! lol  

So I get a week of Rich not stressing about papers and trying to impress his teachers, which will be very, very nice ;-) 
   Well as time gets closer for little miss Clara's arrival, I have been trying to find things to keep my mind busy. I know there is the general things like cleaning and taking naps. Also doing her baby book or scrap booking, but any time I do baby anything I just think of her coming even more...I guess I am a just an impatient person. What should I do??
   Its official....I have lost my feet! Just kidding but I really cant see my feet anymore when I stand, which is kinda dangerous considering I cant see what my feet are going to step on.... Just the other day I tripped over the laundry basket because my big belly hid it from my view... sneaky belly... 
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Ya that is my belly from my eyes view... ya surprising that I don't trip over more things uh?
   Well there is one thing that kept me busy for an hour or two.. Getting Clara's space ready! It was really quick considering we don't have much space to put her stuff up. We got creative and now have Clara's wall!!

So cute isn't? Rich got even more excited about Clara when we set up Clara's Wall. We so are ready for Clara to come but Clara isn't ready for her big day just yet. Oh by the way 34 weeks right here!! lol so I have a little more then a month, give or take until she is here!! 
  Well thats all for right now, until we have something more to write about!