Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our day at the park!

mommy and Clara ready to eat some food!
Clara Ann is happy to be outside!
Rich ready for some good subway!
whats your favorite sandwich at subway?
Rich enjoying his food a little to much

It is a lot more tasty then what it looks

She was laughing at mommy for making so many funny faces

Daddy and Clara!

Clara was tired of watching us eat so we started to take her on a little walk

there was music in the park, so Clara Ann started to dance!

Daddy telling Clara about the trees and birds

Super Baby!!

Clara stepping on grass for the first time!
And There is proof that her feet are touching the ground!!
I love the days when we spend time as a family!!


  1. so fun! in some of these pictures she reminds me of Aurora.. rorys little girl.