Monday, August 29, 2011

All About Clara Ann..

Hey everyone! Well Clara Ann is 15 weeks old, and for those who dont understand weeks that means she is 3 months and 2 weeks old.  I didn't realize that babies this young know what they like and what they dont like, also that they have a personality. 
Here are some thing I have notice Clara doing lately.....
  • She hates being alone for one second, if she is alone at all she starts to cry... and that's when I come running in thinking something is wrong, but right as she see me she smiles and laugh. Talk about the little girl who called wolf lol but I will always run when she starts to cry, its a mom thing I think..
  • She throws a little fits.. I know its hard to believe a 3 month old can throw a fit but they can. For example, the other day we were doing some tummy time for about 5 minutes then all of the sudden she gives a mad cry and gives me a dirty look lol oh I hope this is only a phase.. who am I kidding lol but I now know that babies can get mad at three months!
  • She is an attention hog, she loves everyone talking to her and staring at her.. and she evens knows when some one is talking about her lol she gets a little fussy if she goes too long without little attention, but I think that might be all babies
  • She loves her baths and loves to play in the water. If Clara Ann had a choice she would stay in the bath all day!
  • Clara Ann is such a girl too! Which is a very good thing but its funny how much of a girl she is.  She some times cant make up her mind about anything, she loves her hair being brushed and having her nails done lol 
  • Clara Ann loves to cuddle a lot!! Which is my favorite thing to do with her!! 
  • She smiles at everyone that talks to her and says hi!
Yep that is a little taste of Clara Ann and her little personality showing but for the most part she is the happiest, sweetest, and loving baby!  Rich and I couldn't be more blessed to have such a wonderful little girl!

P.S. here is a video of Clara Ann having fun in her bouncer!

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