Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Comes Marriage, Then Big Surprise...So Does a Baby

Hey everyone, there has been so many things that has happened since our last update that I hardly know where to being! Well I will have to say that the biggest news is that Rich and I are going to be having a baby!! Yes I know that Rich and I told everyone that two to three years is how long we wanted to wait but I guess that changed when the pregnancy test came out positive. When we first found out we freaked, in the way that we weren't ready for this big surprise in our lives, kind of freaked. I think almost anyone would if they were really just wanting to wait for a baby.  So for the next day or so Rich and I gave a good cry, but when all the tears were out we found out something... we were super excited for this big blessing!!! Rich was and still is trying to wrap around his head that he is going to be a daddy, but what a wonderful, fantastic dad he will be. As for me, I am totally excited to be a mom, and what makes me more excited is now I have maternity clothes!! Before I forget you all are probably wondering how far along I am, well I am 17 weeks on Monday December 6, then the week after I will be 5 months!! Rich and I will be finding out the sex of the baby December 15, but for all the rest of you guys and gals you will have to wait till December 25 to know what the sex is, yes that will be your Christmas gift! Down below, is me and my 17 week prego belly!!
Well on other news, its official; we are out of our apartment and are living with Rich's parents until the end of the month, then off to Idaho it is for us! We really do miss our apartment and being able to have that alone time, but on the other hand its nice to not have to worry about as many bills. We are able to sleep a little better at night knowing that there isn't a bill needing to be paid the next day which is a very good feeling and it defiantly is a destresser. We are defiantly going to take advantage of this and save and spend as much time as possible with family on both Rich and I sides of family before we move to Idaho, and the best part is that we will spending time with the family during the happiest time of the year!

Our Reading Room in our First Apartment

Our Living Room in Our First Apartment
Ok now that I have vented about moving, I can tell you how fantastic Rich's theater play was!! Rich played at the Hale Theater in a play called, "The Happiest Millionaire".  Rich played the youngest brother in the play and did it wonderfully!!  Rich's cast members were some of the coolest people, and I just hope one day Rich will be able to work with them in a theater play or even in the movies!  I am so incredibly proud of Rich for going and taking the first step to following his dreams, and I am blessed to have a husband that know how important it is to dream big and to go for those dreams! 

This is the setting of Rich's play at Hale Theater

Ok now on a last note for this update...Rich and I are sooooooooooo pumped up for Christmas!! The Wilson home is filled with the Christmas spirit and no one can stop smiling! They even have a real Christmas tree, i haven't been in a home with a real Christmas tree since i was 8 to 10 years old. Rich and I are so blessed to be spending Christmas with his family this year and it is one we will never forget! 

The Wilson Christmas Tree

You know Rich has helped decorated this tree when you see a Star Wars ornament

We love you all and hope everyone has a great Christmas!!!


  1. Wahooo!! Congrats! I am so excited that your going to have a little one! A boy... thats my guess! I cant wait for xells to have another friend to play with when you come home for family gatherings!
    Love you!!

  2. your little belly is so stinkin cute!!!!!

  3. That's way exciting. Wish I knew what we were having before Christmas, but soon, soon. I see you're using the same baby widget thing. Does the umbilical cord look a little weird to you too? Wish they would have left that out!