Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moving to the cold and the blessing that come with it!!

Were do i begin, so many things have happen since Rich and I have been married. Well if you don't know Rich and I are moving to Rexburg, Idaho in January. Rich is going to be attending BYU Idaho for only a semester then we will be moving to BYU Provo so he can finish his degree there. We are super excited for Rich to start school, the only down fall about moving in January is that it gets below zero there. I am all for visiting the snow but living in it is a whole different story. I dont know many people that love living in a place that every day has weather that is below zero, but we will make the best of the weather while living there. There is an up side to living in Idaho, Rich's sister Brooke is living there as well. So at least if were cold were cold with company.
Well while were waiting to moving to Idaho we will be living at Rich's parents in the month of December because are lease is up on November 30th. Rich and I want to save as much money as we can for school and other things. It will be fun living with the in-laws during the happiest time of the year! Which will be nice spending our last Christmas in Arizona with people we love and with new memories to come. I am truly grateful for all the many things that have come with in the last five months Rich and I have been married. This year has truly been a great blessing and more just keep coming!!

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