Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well Its A New Year And A New Adventure!

Hey everyone! There has been so many things that has happened since Rich and I's last post!! Well I will start with the happiest news! So Rich and I finally have revealed the sex and name of our little one!! We are having a little...GIRL!!! The name of our little girl is Clara Ann Wilson!!!! We are sooooooooooooooo excited to be having a Clara that we can hardly stand it!!! We wanted to name her Clara because the meaning behind the name which means "clear, bright, and famous" and we can thank my mom, Mariann for Clara's middle name. 
  We told Rich and my family that our baby is going to be a girl on Christmas day! That was our present to everyone and everyone loved it! Rich and I fooled my parents by leaving hit that it might be a boy so they were surprised to hear that we are having a little girl lol but they are so excited to have another granddaughter in the family. The funniest thing about telling Rich's family about having little Clara is the fact that Nick (youngest brother) was telling us earlier that boys are just easier to explain to on how to play video games and that it takes girls three times as long to understand how awesome some games are like The Zelda games! Other then that girls are cool too. Oh Nick, lol it is always fun to listen to his theories.    
Well little Miss Clara is a busy one and cant seem to stop having a party in me, but that is alright it lets me know that there is really someone in there. Rich cant wait for the day that he can feel Clara give a little kick, but that wont be for another five to seven weeks. I am now 20 weeks and on Monday January 3, 2011 I will be 21 weeks! My baby bump is growing each day and as Rich says " Your belly makes you more attractive each day" what a sweetheart of a husband I have!!  I am so excited to meet Clara and also to see the look on Rich's face when he and Clara first meet. Rich's sister and I think that Rich will cry when he first hold Clara and that will be the sweetest thing ever!

Little Clara...
She spread out her legs to make sure Rich & I know she is a little girl lol

Little Miss Clara Ann Wilson!!!
I am updating my picture of my bump
this is me pregnant 20 weeks and 5 day

The next thing that is way big and very exciting in Rich and I's life is the big move to Idaho!! We are staying in Holden, Utah for the New Years and visiting family. We are staying with Granny Suzie and love visiting her! Ok so the first leg of our adventure was uneventful but way fun! My parents let us barrow there f450 white diesel truck and a trailer to move all our stuff, and Rich's Parents and two little brothers drove in that while Rich, Brooke and I drove in the Scion. Let me just tell you that when you put Brooke, Rich and I on a road trip that it's a party the entire way!! Rich even invented a road trip game which made a us laugh the entire time and made the time go by way faster, which is always a good thing on a road trip. Well we arrived at Granny's at 10:30 that night and then woke up in the morning to were everything was snow outside. That just meant that if Utah is this snowy then I know that Idaho will be ten times worse... Well then the next day we were suppose to go see my parents in draper and we were on our way to see them when Rich and I hit a patch of black ice and skidded off the road!! Yes it was scary but everything turned out ok. The only thing that got major damage was the back bumper and even then, it wasnt that bad. Well that was Rich's first hard core lesson in driving in the snow and at least it wasn't worse then it was. I thank the lord that Clara and Rich are alright! The lord has blessed Rich and I in so many ways that we are over loaded with blessings and we are so grateful to the lord for all our blessings. Especially for the two biggest blessings first Rich being able to attend BYU-Idaho which is amazing!! I am so excited for Rich have such an opportunity and I am happy to be there for the ride!! Then the surprise blessing of little Clara. Even though we weren't expecting a little one of our own for three to four years, we wouldn't want it any other way then to be pregnant right now with Clara!
Well I will write again when Rich and I get settled in Idaho!! Love Ya All!!
Oh here is the pictures of our black ice driving!

Here is the back of the car.. our poor car..

This is what are car look like in the front. I think we get a 100 points for hitting the metal thing lol

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