Friday, June 3, 2011

The Story of Clara Ann's Birth

Hey everyone!! Well its been a very busy busy time for Rich and I.  If you didn't know, Little Miss Clara is now the biggest part of Rich and my life!  Well if your reading this, it must mean you want to know the story of Clara Ann's birth. It starts with me being a day over due and waking up at 2 a.m. having the worst leg craps. When ever I had really bad craps I usually take a warm to hot bath and thats what I did.  Around 2:30 I got what I thought was a pregnancy pain, but when I got another shock of craps I knew they were contractions, but I was thinking it was just false labor with my luck. I got out of the tub I got back into bed and told Rich that I had 2 contractions while I was in the tub. He was so excited to hear that I might be in labor, who knew that those painful craps could be so exciting for a man. Rich told me to tell him when the next when came, and I told him ten minutes later that I was having another one.  Rich was so excited he couldn't go back to sleep and I kept getting contractions so I couldn't sleep.  At 5 a.m. my contractions were every 15, 10, 5, and 3 minutes apart. By 5:30 Rich said we had to go to the hospital, me on the other hand wanted to wait, but Rich was worried and excited to know that we were more then likely going to have Clara that day.  Well Rich called his sister and mom and we all drove to the hospital and by 7:30 they set us up in a labor and delivery room. At 9 they put patosan in me and put it to a 2 to a 3. About noon they finally gave me an epidural!  I was sooooo excited about not being in any more pain for the labor, all I kept saying was how wonderful the epidural is! I don't think I could have survived the delivery without it. When the doctor came in at 2 to check how far a long I was, we were all disappointed to find out I was only four cm dilated.  Thats when they upped the patosan 5 to a 9. At 3 the doctor came back in to break my water. While we were waiting for me to get more dilated we watched "The best of Will Ferrell SNL" and my parent came and surprised Rich and I by coming to the hospital! We couldn't believe how my parents were there and waiting to see there new granddaughter!! By 5 the nurse came in and said I was 9 cm dilated! I could feel the presher of Clara coming! By 6 I was pushing! Rich said he would never watch Clara coming out but he was right there helping holding my leg and helping me out, and at 7:04 Clara Ann Wilson was born!! Rich and I were both crying tears of joy!  There are no words that can express how amazing it is to hold your baby for the first time. I now truly believe in love at first site because both Rich and I's heart belong to her. We are pour college students but we feel like the rich's people in the world because of the blessing of the little soul that heavenly father has blessed us with! Well that is the story of Clara Ann's birth, and I am sure there will be many more stories of our new little family to come! P.S. New picture of Clara are down below
Beautiful Clara Ann
mommy trying to catch up on sleep with Clara

Clara's first bath
daddy & Clara hanging out
Clara Ann playing video games with daddy


  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful and you guys are such a cute family! I bet you are an awesome mom!